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Hopwas Woods – Ghost Walk & Paranormal Investigation 16.05.16

Hopwas Woods – Ghost Walk & Paranormal Investigation 16.05.16

Hopwas Woods Ghost Walk & Paranormal Investigation – Monday 16th May 2016

Last night Haunted Company visited Hopwas Woods for the first ever organised Ghost Walk and Paranormal Investigation in this ancient woodlands (to our knowledge)- Who knew what we would unearth….?!

The Hopwas Woods area has many claims of paranormal activity, from orbs and strange lights being seen in the woods, the spirit of an old hermit who used to live in the now demolished old woodhouse to mysterious rituals that used to take place many years ago, and even a police investigation leading to the arrest of several witches. The woods also have claims of mysterious beasts roaming the area and sightings of black panthers have often been reported. With all this history, we couldn’t wait to get started!

Andrew Elson, Haunted Company’s in-house medium-clairvoyant, met with our fantastic group of 15 guests at 7.30pm. Our first walk concentrated on the west side of the wood along the ancient bridle path. For our first experiment we used the ancient art of dowsing, and after a demonstration of how to use the rods by Andrew, the guests took over and attempted to speak to any spirits present. Andrew was surprised at how well our guests took to using the rods, gaining responses of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to their questions, with one guest in particular, Janet, able to connect with one of her relatives who had passed over.

Further down the bridle path our next experiment was the human pendulum. Questions were asked to another of our guests, Ricky, with answers coming through him rocking back and forth for yes and no. Lots of information was gained through this, such as discovering that part of the woods used to be a wooden hut type of settlement, possibly dating back to Neolithic times. Also Andrew is now convinced that somewhere in the woods is an ancient burial ground yet to be discovered! Ricky then channelled a boy who communicated that he was murdered and buried in the woods, although we were unable to get a name or date for this event – Maybe on our next visit! Roman soldiers also came through to us, who possibly used to march the bridle path. Andrew was also able to channel that the bridle path was in fact an old Drover’s road which would have been used as a trade route between Lichfield and Tamworth. To add to the experience, the Packington Pigs were squealing most of the night causing much laughter, and making a few guests jump!

Our guests took many photos which we examined at the end of our walk. One pictured a mysterious mist along the path, and another had an image of what looked to be a child crouching down. There also appeared to be a man on a horse in one image – all extremely interesting. These photographs will be examined by Haunted Company’s tech-expert, Peter Spencer, to see if we can try to explain these creepy images.

We’re very much looking forward to our next Ghost Walk in the Hopwas Woods area on Monday 8th August, and we hope to be able to expand on these findings and discover more about this fascinating area. If you would like to join us, and would like more information, please visit: https://www.hauntedcompany.com/events/hopwas-woods-tamworth-ghost-walk-2/


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