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Shining Cliff Woods – Overnight Investigation 20.05.16

Shining Cliff Woods – Overnight Investigation 20.05.16

There are a few words that spring to mind to describe our latest venture into Shining Cliff Woods – Wet, Soggy, Damp and Muddy are just some of them! And boy did it rain… ALL NIGHT!

But did we let that stop us? Not likely! We had a fantastic time with a really fun group of guests, and to top off the fun we had some very interesting findings too.

Beginning with a group walk down to Oakhurst House, originally built in 1848 by industrialist Francis Hurt for his three daughters, subsequently converted into flats until being abandoned in the late 1970’s. The derelict house is a site of many mysterious reports of ghostly sightings and although we didn’t catch a great deal there one of our guests did capture a strange image of one of the windows, and along the track everyone reported uneasy feelings around the site of another derelict building, with a few of our guests getting a sickly feeling only for this to lift as soon as they were out of sight of the place.

Relocating further up the road, and after a short walk to our Hostel base for the night, we all undertook a protection excercise and then split into two groups and headed off deeper into the woods to see what mysteries we could unearth.

Taking it in turns to visit the lake area, the recorded site of two drownings. Both groups felt uneasy there and some of our guests reported being touched or pushed. We held a rather interesting human pendulum experiement here with the ‘pendulum’ reporting that although he was consciously holding himself still he felt he was being forcibly pushed in answer to the questions asked. Our ‘friend’ from previous visits, Jeffers, put in an appearance with his usual way of making people feel uneasy, one guest describing her feelings as defensive, as if she wanted to protect herself against something. This continued at the fire-pit on the return to base, with some mysterious images being taken of mists around the group. To be fair, we did wonder if the images had captured breath, as the temperature seemed to be dropping and it’s possible cooled breath was showing in the photographs… But who knows!

The group’s remaining nearer to base investigated other areas of the wood discovered to be active from our previous visits here. The Fire pit, although unable to be lit due to the rain, was for us one of the most interesting parts of the investigation. We’d picked up on white witches here, and they seemed willing to cooperate and communicate with one small group all experiencing back pain in the same parts of their backs, all at once. We also recorded very unusual temperature changes by focusing the temperature laser on one spot within the fire pit. With one group this ranged from 13c to 3.3c in a matter of minutes and on command/request, and returning with another group it recorded temperatures from 6c to 16c, again within a matter of minutes and on command/request. These temperature changes were quite amazing, and to record differences of over 13c in just the one spot within such a short space of time was to us just fantastic. In the same spot our motion sensor ball appeared to move on it’s own and upon request, although due to the weather we wouldn’t rule out movement through rain.

The cave was much less active than on previous visits with only one group experiencing a few sounds, and the feelings of sickness or dizziness. One of our guests did get an unusual image of a purple orb, but again with light refraction in the cave this could be ruled out.

The wooden hut was another place of interest, with our pendulum and spirit boards being placed here (the only dry place in the woods!). We picked up on a person we like to call the ‘Sheriff’ whom we believe to have been a person of the law during Jeffers’ time. Over a number of investigations we have discovered that Jeffers murdered two children in the woods, but the blame was placed on another gentleman with learning difficulties, who was later hanged for that offence. After subsequent research, we have found that Jeffers is clearly recorded in the history of the area, and we believe the ‘Sheriff’ to have been a part of this crime and the poor hanged man’s ultimate conviction. Our experiments on this visit continued to back up our findings.

The spirit board was very slow during the night with very little coming through, however upon discussion with a guest later in the night it was found that a young girl of the age of seven who came through to another group, meant something personal to her. So although we didn’t get much communication with the spirits of the area, it was clear there were some messages coming through for some of us!

To summarise, despite the weather, and being unable to visit Betty Kenny’s Tree due to inaccessible routes, we had a fantastic time. The feedback from our guests has been amazing, and we would like to thank them all for simply getting stuck in, and very wet! We hope to see you all again soon.

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