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The Bulls Head Hotel, Youlgreave – Paranormal Investigation 07.05.16

The Bulls Head Hotel, Youlgreave – Paranormal Investigation 07.05.16
Haunted Company conduct the first ever Paranormal Investigation of the Bulls Head Hotel, Youlgreave! Friday 7th May 2016.
Our first visit to this intriguing old coaching inn proved extremely interesting and in our opinion is very haunted. The tales we have been told by the current landlady, locals and ex-proprietors alone were enough to peak our interest and we were not disappointed! We discovered quite a few children around the building, with one who seemed to respond well to Anthony (age 6) in the small room under the old function room. We had a lot of activity here, holding full conversations with him through the EMF meter which responded amazingly to specific questioning – something we’ve not seen happen very often! Our guests had a fantastic response through table tipping here too. Anthony seemed to get more active the more our cameras flashed and after talking with the current and ex-landlady later on it seemed they’d both had issues with lights turning on/off around the place and electric switches being tampered with, it sounded like our little boy spirit was rather mischievous!
Another little boy, Jack age 3, was also contacted in the same room. And later on we discovered a young girl around the age of 13 whom Andrew reported died of fever in room 3 some time ago. You could even feel an area of heightened temperature in one particular spot, backed up by the laser temperature gauge. After more investigating in this room our guests were able to communicate via spirit board with Anne, another young girl who used to live at the Inn. Room 1 gave us information on an earlier landlord through the use of our pendulum board.
Room 4 was reportedly one of the most haunted rooms in the building, although for us was not as active as we first thought it would be. We did however pick up some strange orbs on our infra-red camera pads, and more information on previous landlords during a human pendulum experiment. A couple of our guests, in different groups, also separately reported seeing a fleeting glimpse of a mans face along the back wall! We hope our winners of the overnight stay in that room had a peaceful night!!!
We relocated to the bar area later on in the night when the locals had all gone home to bed, and after conducting a séance, spirit board and white board in various areas we had more information to add to our already interesting findings. Including an ex-landlord who like to sit at the Bar, and a very strange spot causing the sensation of tingling on fingers when touched (particularly by the gents!) on an old window lintel, uncovered during the recent alterations to the pub… not something we have come across before!
All in all we had a fantastic night, our guests were great fun, and we uncovered a lot of information through various experiments – We can’t wait to go back and see what more we can discover!
A HUGE thank you to all our guests who joined us at this fantastic venue – And also to our hosts Vicky and Neil who gave us unlimited access and provided a delicious buffet – we had a fantastic night and we hope you did too!




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