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The Old Bell Hotel, Derby – Paranormal Investigation 13.05.16

The Old Bell Hotel, Derby – Paranormal Investigation 13.05.16

Haunted Company comes to The Old Bell Hotel, Derby! Paranormal Investigation – Friday 13th May 2016.

With thirteen guests, on Friday 13th – would this be an unlucky visit? We didn’t think so!

After meeting with our guests, our evening started off with a delicious buffet provided by the team at The Old Bell, which gave us all time to connect with this beautiful building going back some 400 years. After enjoying our food and getting to know everyone, we headed off upstairs to begin our investigation, and we weren’t disappointed!

Well known on the ghost hunting circuit, the Old Bell has many paranormal claims and is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the city. More than 12 different ghosts are reported to roam the venue together with poltergeist activity and tales of the spirits of a Victorian dressed lady and a murdered servant girl. We were looking forward to seeing what we would unearth…

In the now famous Room 29, many of us felt unusually hot, which could be connected with a long-ago fire in the building. Through the use of a spirit board our guests connected with a thirteen year old boy called Ben, who was murdered by his master, Mr Dint. The mirror in the room was used by both team and guests for scrying, and many were unnerved by what they saw as their faces appeared to morph into others, with one becoming Celtic in nature.

We were picking up on Bonnie Prince Charlie and his soldiers constantly throughout the night, with our in-house mediums, Andrew, Paul and Jean also channelling the murder of residents on the upper floors, plus a hanging from the beautiful Jacobean staircase. There also seemed to be the presence of a young girl spirit wandering the attic, and although no much was found out about her she came through to each group regularly throughout the evening.

In other rooms we saw orbs on our cameras, and guests were being touched or had the overwhelming feeling of dizziness and sudden headaches. Tapping was also heard, not to mention the shadowy figure sensed by one of our more experienced guests, lurking in the corners, just watching – He said: ‘In all the investigations I’ve done over the years, I’ve only been scared twice, this being one of them!

Andrew Elson our in-house medium says: ‘The night had everything apart from full manifestation and poltergeist activity. The attic was used by poor families and servants over hundreds of years with many residual energies being encountered by us all. My belief is that there have been many deaths in the building from plague sufferers to murder victims, and the main presence was that of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his soldiers. All in all we’ve had a fantastic night, and can’t wait to return to see what more we can discover!’ Did Bonnie Prince Charlie and some of his men stay at the Old Bell? Andrew certainly thinks so!

If you would like to join us on our next visit to the Old Bell Hotel, or for more information, please visit: https://www.hauntedcompany.com/events/


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