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Cannock Chase – Black Eyed Children Ghost Walk


Join our in-house medium for our very first guided ghost walk at the mysterious Cannock Chase – home of the ‘Black Eyed Children’ and much more!


Meeting in the Castle Ring car park from 8.15pm, our in-house medium will take you on a journey of Cannock Chase’s past. You will be guided around the old Iron Age fort at Castle Ring, hear about the history and be told tales of the mysterious hauntings and reported sightings within this strange and spooky area. You will have use of our investigative equipment during the walk, from traditional dowsers to the more modern emf meters and temperature gauges. With over two thousand years of history, Cannock Chase is regarded to be one of the midlands most mysterious places and we will attempt to find some of it’s many haunted hot-spots! There will also be chance to take part in a few workshops throughout the evening – will you be our human pendulum? What secrets will we uncover? Join us and find out!

Location: Castle Ring Iron Age Fort, Cannock Chase, Cannock Wood, Park Gate Road, Nr Rugeley, Staffordshire WS15 4RN

Date: Summer Solstice – Monday 29th April 2019

Time: 7.30 Till  8.45

Tickets: £10 _ Limited to 12 so don’t miss out!

Adults only – Minimum age 18.

Please dress for the weather and wear sensible walking boots. The ground is uneven and there will be some up hill walking. Please feel free to bring snacks and drinks. Don’t forget your cameras!


The Iron Age Hill Fort, situated upon the high southern edge of Cannock Chase, is thought to have subsequently been occupied by Celtic tribes around AD50. It is also thought that farming took place at some point due to areas of the ring showing evidence of being ploughed. Cannock woods itself was originally a thick forest, the majority of which was cut down during the 16th Century for charcoal burning, mostly used by the local iron industry and eventually becoming a bleak and bare area. The land was used for large training camps during World War I and II, and in the 1920’s new trees were planted by the Forestry Commission creating the woods we see today. Since then the grounds have been used for open air music concerts, and has many popular picnic spots.


It is believed that the ghostly figures regularly reported on Cannock Chase as having blacked-out eyes, are those of the three young girls murdered by car mechanic Raymond Leslie Morris in the 1960s – Their remains were found buried on the Chase after going missing along the A34 road. Morris was convicted of one of the murders in 1968 and later died in prison after serving 45 years. In addition, strange lights, mists and orbs have been seen along with shadow people, and voices are often heard where there is no-one around!

Since the nineteenth century there have been many mysterious sightings and strange encounters. Many have been reported in the press, from a big cat/Panther type beast, a hellhound or huge black dog-like beast, werewolves, a giant serpent – even a Pig-Man (half pig, half man), Bigfoot and an odd UFO!

Andrew says: ‘What a wonderful place to start our investigations of Cannock Chase, and I can’t wait to get on the trail of the Black Eyed Children. Located at the highest point of Cannock Chase, this is a real hot-spot for paranormal activity. Who knows what we will unearth on our first visit!’

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Date 29th May 2019 at 7:30 PM
Time 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm
Location Cannock Chase
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