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Haunted Company are back at Strutts school for an extra special Halloween investigation. For the first time we will be combining a paranormal investigation with a horror entertainment night. This is not for the faint hearted!
We will begin with an investigation into this fantastic venue. We will show you how to use the equipment and how to become ghost hunters for the night. You will use equipment such as EMF meters, voice recorders, dowsing rods, pendulums and spirit boards.

After the tour, you will be able to roam the school using our ghost hunting equipment to find your own ghosts. During the second half of the night we will release Haunted Company Horrors into the school. Dare you go into that room alone? This will be an experience like no other!

Don’t forget your cameras, you never know what you might capture!

Date: Saturday 29th October 2016
Time: 8.30pm to 1.30am
Location: Strutts Center, Derby Road, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1UU
Tickets: £40 – Early booking recommended as this is a very popular event!
Adults only – Minimum age 18.

Light buffet and hot and cold drinks provided. Please wrap up warm and feel free to bring your own snacks/drinks if you wish.


This amazing school was proposed by Herbert Strutt in 1907. Designed by Hunter and Woodhouse, it was completed in the spring of 1909. Mr W.W. Tunnicliffe was the headmaster from 1909 until his retirement in 1936. The school became a primary school in 1986 until its closure in February 2007 and is now known as Strutts Business and Community Centre. It is run by local volunteers for the benefit of the community.


On our last visit we weren’t disappointed… Each team reported lots of activity, from tapping and various strange noises to people feeling air blown on their faces in the library. Guests took photographs of dark shadows appearing next to people, and many people spoke of very oppressive feelings. Some guests got painful headaches in ‘the poltergeist room’.

We discovered many different spirits that night. A lady teacher (name unknown) came to us in one particular room and we had amazing responses from her with the emf meter which lit up when we asked her specific ‘yes/no’ questions. Room 54 was particularly active. We even had the front of the emf meter lift up off the table and light up red! Yes, really! Ask our guests!

A young girl called Abigail visited us by Ouija board. She came to three separate groups of visitors, however she would only speak to us when the ‘bad spirit’ wasn’t around… With lots more to investigate we can’t wait for this event!

Poltergeist activity is often reported around the building and some of this activity includes doors slamming and refusing to open. The piano has started playing on its own, and the temperature has dropped several times in various places. Shadowy figures have been seen and much, much more! After visiting the premises, Andrew Elson, Haunted Company’s clairvoyant medium said: ‘The building has this wonderful feeling of calm, but when you walk around you soon discover that each of the classrooms has its own spiritual energy. Some have a peaceful energy and other rooms feel extremely negative. There are also certain classrooms you would not want to be left alone in!”

What more will we discover at this strange and ghostly location?

Prepare to be scared!

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Date 29th Oct 2016 at 8:30 AM
Time 8:30 am - 1:30 am
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