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Magpie Mine


Location: Magpie Mine near Sheldon Bakewell
Meeting: Cockand pullet, Main Street, Sheldon, Bakewell DE45 1QS
Date:Saturday May 13
Time: 7.15 PM 9.30 PM
Tickets: £10 limited to 10

Another new location for he paranormal world.

What a find we have here. #preparetobescared


The team will meet you at the cock and pullet Main Street Sheldon Bakewell DE451QS.

After a short introduction we will head of to the mine to see what secrets we will discover within this mysterious venue. During the walk you will get chance to take part in various paranormal experiments with one of Haunted Company in house Mediums. Such as human pendulum, sprit boards, dowsing rods, you will also have access to hunted Company’s Emf meters and other equipment. Dare you join us for another haunted venue?


Magpie mine has a history off over 300 years, mainly for the mining of lead.

While working on the great red soil vein in the 1820s their was a dispute between the near by maypits mines after both mines meet each other underground, in 1833 this led to the death of three red soil miners, Due to the magpie miners trying to smoke the other miners out. Subsequently 24 magpie miners were put on trial for murder. They were eventually acquitted because of the difficulty in identifying the culprit.

It is said that the wives of the murdered men put a curse on the mine.

In more recent times the mine changed ownership several times all finding it hard to make a livening due to various mishaps such as flooding, Did the curse work ?Help our mediums find out!


With the mine being cursed what hauntings will be unearthed.

A survey team working in the mine in 1946 spotted a man holding a candle down the shaft. As they watched the man disappeared into thin air.

Andrew says

We feel very honored to have been given permission to do regular Ghost walks at magpie mine. And are looking to do a fund raising event to help preserve the mine. We will keep you posted.

With no recorded paranormal investigations held here before I’m feeling excited of what we may unearth over the four investigations we are doing in 2017. I’ve a sneaky feeling that the mine and buildings wii reveal a abundance off paranormal activity.


This investigation is around the existing buildings and surrounding area only We will no be going under ground.

Please bring suitable foot ware and out door clothes .



Event Details

Date 13th May 2017 at 7:30 PM
Time 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Location Magpie Mine
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