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Strutt School, Belper – Paranormal Investigation


Join our Haunted Company Team for full Paranormal Investigation of one of our most mysterious and unique venues. What will we discover inside this amazing old school building? Who roams the hallways, and what mischevious spirit resides in the Headmasters office? Join us and find out!


Help us discover more about the history and hauntings of this fantastic old school building together with Andrew Elson, our in-house clairvoyant medium. There will be workshops throughout the night where you will learn to use our investigative equipment, from dowsing rods and pendulums to emf and voice recorders, and even take part in spirit boards and human pendulums. We will split into small groups and head off to see what we can find in the various classrooms and offices, comparing findings as we go along… It will be a very spooky and interesting night! Buffet and hot and cold drinks included.

Don’t forget your cameras, you’ll be amazed what you might capture!

Location: Strutts Center, Derby Road, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1UU

Date: Friday 12th February 2016

Time: 8.00pm to 1.30am

Tickets: £30 – Early booking recommended.

Adults only – Minimum age 18.

Light snacks and hot and cold drinks provided. Please wrap up warm and feel free to bring your own snack if you wish.


This amazing school was proposed by Herbert Strutt in 1907 and was proceeded for the benefit of Belper Town. Designed by Hunter and Woodhouse the building was completed in the spring of 1909. Mr W.W. Tunnicliffe was the original headmaster who was there from 1909 until his retirement in 1936. The school became a primary school following a shake up in education in 1986 and it remained as a primary school until it’s closure in February 2007. It is now known as Strutts Business and Community Centre and is run by volunteers for the benefit of the community.


Poltergeist activity is often reported  around the building including slamming doors which then refuse to open, the piano playing by itself, cold spots, shadowy figures and much more! After visiting the premises, Andrew Elson, Haunted Company’s clairvoyant medium said: ‘The building has this wonderful feeling of calm, but then as you walk around you soon discover that each of the classrooms has its own spiritual energy. Some have a peaceful energy and other rooms feel full of negative energy. There are also certain classrooms you would not Want to be left alone in! Wandering spirits roam the halls, and the Headmasters office is another story!’

What more will we discover at this strange and ghostly location? Prepare to be Scared!

Event Details

Date 12th Feb 2016 at 8:00 PM
Time 8:00 pm - 1:30 am
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