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The Entity House, Beech Drive Leicester, Paranormal Investigation


The Entity House, Beech Drive, Leicester Paranormal Investigation 

Dare you join the Haunted Company team for our Paranormal Investigation of Beech Drive Leicester, dubbed by Andrew Elson ‘The Entity house’.

Together with Andrew Elson, our in-house clairvoyant medium, and our team, you will investigate the various rooms and gardens of this very haunted house located on Beech Drive in Leicestershire. You will get use of all our investigative equipment throughout the night, and take part in various workshops such as human pendulums, seances and more!

Will the entity that plagues the occupant of this house pay us a visit? Come and find out!

Prepare to be scared.

Location: Beech Drive Leicester (The precise location will be emailed to all guests approximately two weeks before the event) 

Date: Saturday 19th 2019

Time: 8.30pm- 1am

Tickets: Only £35

A light buffet and snacks will also be provided.


The property is approximately 55 years old, it is thought that the property is built on a previous building 


Andrew’s interview with  Gaynor Issitt:

Andrew Elson, Haunted Company’s founder had a discussion with Gaynor about her 37 years living in a haunted property.

Gaynor, her sons and partners have all had paranormal experiences. From black shadows seen by her teanage sons, to an ex partner being dragged out of the bed by his ankles. The entity has also tried to push Gaynor down the stairs, shoes have been slashed with three slashes on each shoe each time, rooms have been  filled up with thousands of black flies and fires  often start for no reason. The house has been cleansed three times but the enity is still present, in fact crosses have been found to be broken in two with no explanation.

Andrew asked Gaynor if she was scared,  she replied:

” At first yes,  but over the years you get used to it! Sometimes I tell it to go away which seems to provoke the sprit. Now, I’m so used to it it doesn’t bother me in fact I’m glad it’s here, it’s got as much right to the house as me.”

Gaynor believes that previous occupants have also had experiences which was the cause of them leaving. 

Marks which were apparently given by the Entity.

Andrew’s comments:

” Wow this takes ghost hunting to a new level, how lucky are we to have the opportunity to investigate one of the UK’s most haunted houses? This property has made headlines in The Sun newspaper and  has appeared on TV. I am  looking forward to meeting Gaynor again and the enity which wonders the rooms of this haunted house.”

Don’t forget your torches and cameras ect.

Daily Express Media Report: http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/707880/Woman-haunted-Jack-the-Ripper-ghost

Event Details

Date 12th Oct 2019 at 8:30 PM
Time 8:30 pm - 1:00 am

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