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Haunted House Hunt

Haunted House Hunt

Is your house haunted?

Haunted Company are looking for the most haunted house in Derbyshire. Do you have things that go bump in the night? Get the feeling that someone is always watching you? Then we want your ghost stories.

Haunted Company want to crown one of the haunted houses in Derbyshire the official most Haunted House 2017 and the title could be yours. We will choose the most haunted houses in Derbyshire from your stories and perform a paranormal investigation.

Our small team of investigators will try to establish how haunted your house is by performing a night paranormal investigation. We will use established techniques to complete a full investigation of your property including setting up infra-red cameras, EVP sessions and EMF readings. In addition to looking for ghosts we will be looking for scientific reasons for any paranormal activity such as electromagnetic interference from external sources.

If you want to put your home forward to be considered for the most haunted house in Derbyshire then send us an email explaining your experiences and why you think your house is the most haunted. Don’t forget to add your contact details so we can get in touch.

Send your stories to [email protected]

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