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Top 10 Derbyshire Haunted Locations

Top 10 Derbyshire Haunted Locations

Derbyshire in the United Kingdom is a hot bed of paranormal activity we have put together our 10 ten favorite locations.

10. Elvaston Castle

Designed in the early 1800’s based on the original house dating back to 1633 this Gothic masterpiece is apparently home to a grey lady who wanders the castle, a man who may be a former gardener or gamekeeper and the ghost of a maid who killed herself after finding out she was pregnant out of wedlock.

9. The Royal Derbyshire Hospital

Former members of the hospital have reported seeing the figure around the morgue area, this is thought to be a roman solider who died close by. The site of the hospital is built on an old Roman road.

8. The Guildhall

Built on a network of tunnels there are numerous ghosts including Alice Wheeldon who was put on trial for plotting to kill then Prime Minister David Lloyd George, she now walks the tunnels that she was once marched through

7. The Assembly Rooms

There are several ghosts that haunt the Assembly Rooms including spectral children singing and dancing, also elsewhere in the building there are reports of Victorian women walking around.

6. The Pavilion Matlock Bath

There are several spirits in the Pavilion at Matlock Bath including Tom who died at the age of thirty six and an evil / sinister spirit called Robert who is regularly heard banging and whistling.

5. Ashbourne Railway Tunnel

Ashbourne itself is ripe with paranormal activity the Old Railway Tunnel is a center for this activity, one a recent investigation we got several names including George and Shamus there was also areas of the tunnel that we was unable to take photographs with all of them turning out as pure black.

4. The Princess Victoria Pub

Several spirits are said to haunt the Princess Victoria pub in Matlock Bath, the paranormal activity is centered around the top room in the pub. Haunted Company have visited this venue on several occasions and each time EMF meters have gone wild and presences have been felt.

3. The Druid Inn Birchover

The area is thought to have been used as a Druid ceremonial worship site and is home to a stone circle and strange carvings found on the rock formation in the village. There are caves under the pub that are said to be haunted and the pub itself is said to be the home of a elderly women which haunted the bar area.

2. Eyam

It’s no surprise that Eyam is on this list due to the strong links to the plague, it is reported that the Miners Arms pub is one of the most haunted buildings in the village causing visitors to leave in fear during the night.

1. Shining Cliff Woods

Coming in at number on is a Haunted Company Favorite list is Shining Cliff Woods, this is a hot bed of paranormal activity including several white witches and at least 2 evil spirits called Jeffers and DS. During our most recent investigation in this area we captured several spirit orbs on camera you can check them out here: Ghost Orbs Caught On Camera


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