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Dave Aisthorpe

Dave Aisthorpe

Hi i am Dave
I have been involved with haunted company for about two years now and love exploring this fascinating world we call the paranormal,but been interested in finding answers and looking deeper into the spirit world way before that.
I aim to get everbody involved in the act of finding a answer and above all to leave the event,satisfied and happy with the evening.
Investigating the paranormal is something I am extremely fanatical about, also exploring the history of places we get to visit, I get the chance to meet a wide range of fellow paranormal investigators, as well as do something I really enjoy.
It started with a haunted walk around a local haunted house in Burton on Trent, I  thought wow I need to investigate more places and get into ghost hunting.
I went on a few events with Andrew and his team and was hooked, I was impressed with the knowledge the team had and how they all made the paying customer welcome at events.

So i asked if there was room for me in the team and here i am, I am looking forward to working with the team i,and above all i love the interaction with the fellow Ghost hunters who come to investigate the paranormal. I also look at each investigation as a history lesson and love gaining new knowledge.

I have varied interests outside the world of paranormal,my big love in life other than my children is supporting my local football team(Burton Albion)which I have done since 1974,i also do a bit of aviation and railway photography. I also grow my own fruit and veg on my allotment.

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